A. Setup Hotely

  • Depending on the number of departments, shops, and accounting details.
  • First, you have made the payment.
  • Hotely team will assist in the initial setup either offline/online.
  • There is no additional charge for online setup.
  • For offline setup, the cost will depend on the accommodation and the length of training required.

Yes, Hotely already supports Booking Engine (BE) and there is no extra charge.

For COA that have already been entered cannot be deleted, but can be edited to another name.

  • NP x (1  + (Service+PPN)).
  • This means that the service is taxable.

Minimum subscription is 1 year :

  • IDR 2,000/room sales; however, if sales are too low, the min charge will be adjusted according to hotel conditions and negotiations.

Yes, it can, in fact, be made 0%

B. Booking

A reservation is said to be dayuse if the time between check-in and check-out does not go through a running audit.

  • Depends on whether the CM can dayuse / not.
  • Can be used by all segments.

So for early check-in and late check-out, the extra charge will be used as an item. Usually a shop is made for the front office, then the item type is surcharge, the items are early check-in and late check-out.

To run the date system, you must use the running audit.

There are several concerns or considerations in making:

  • First one, as a reminder
  • Guests who have reserved but have not attended (need to cancel the reservation so that it can be resold)
  • Guests may have arrived, but forgot to check in.
  • Guest has checked out, but the status is still In-house
  • For data safety
  • Guest data is incomplete
  • There is still an Open Bill guest
  • As a time tolerance (guests who arrive at 00.02)
  • For individual/walkin segments, click the (+) button on the Room line.
  • For offline travel / government / corporate segments, you must create a company profile dl, then you can click the (+) button on the Room line.

For this case, it can be categorized as complimentary / free. So for the facilities used, it will go into the report but does not affect revenue (not subject to service and tax).

Yes, as long as you have created at least 1 rate code, the price can be changed manually in the model arrangement section.

So for reservations that have been entered, but the guest does not come, it should still be entered as check-in and then a dayuse status is created, so that revenue continues to enter the system.

  • Vacant Clean = Vacant clean (green), room is empty and can be booked.
  • Vacant Dirty = Empty dirty (red), empty room but cannot be booked, usually after use (cancel/check out)
  • Occupied Clean = Clean content (red), room contains guests, but has been cleaned
  • Occupied Dirty = Fill Dirty (red), room contains guests
  • Out of Service = under repair (for a while)
    • It could be that it is not sold, for example because of the low season, to save electricity, but if it is suddenly full, this OOS one can be opened.
  • Out of Order = under repair (long time)
    • so OOS is still included in the calculation of the percentage of occupancy, but OOO does not participate.

C. Transaction

Yes, so in the add transaction (floor view), then select department, item type, item, a price column will appear. The price that appears can be changed as needed.

  • Is there any additional charge for additional shops?
    • There is no additional charge for a new shop, even if it has been running for 1 month.
  • For seasonal menu, do you have to create a new menu?
    • For seasonal menus, a custom menu can be created, provided you input the unit price, quantity, and COA.
  • What is the maximum number of shops that can be created?
    • Hotely does not limit the number of shops to be created, but from most experiences, the hotel that has been created as many as 8 shops in 1 hotel.
  • For the shopkeeper role, is there a separate display or is it one account?
    • Hotely has prepared several roles for each hotel’s needs. These roles can be created by the hotel account administrator or owner.
    • For the shopkeeper view, you can only see 1 shop or the entire shop, even those that require approval.
  • If there is an error in the report (grouping error) what should be done?
    • Property owners can contact the Hotely team to have improvements made in the report.
  • Is there a report for the whole hotel?
    • So if the client has several hotels in 1 account, for now we don’t have a combined / overall report, but we can make a report and charge extra for this feature.
  • If there is a profit share for third parties in the shop, what is the report?
    • For profit share settings, it can be done in the item type settings. So for the report section, 2 revenues will be displayed; for the hotel and for the partner according to the percentage filled in.